Power Washing Services

Power Washing Services

Professional Prep is the first step of any CertaPro Painters® Exterior Painting Job

Power washing (also called pressure washing) is a process by which we incorporate water under high pressure, in conjunction with chlorine, to clean away years of mold, dirt, salt and any loose paint.  This is a standard process for every exterior paint or stain job that includes siding.

However, in some cases we back off some of the pressure and simply clean painted and stained areas around the home to spruce up the appearance.

Here on the cape, another popular variation of powerwashing is ‘stripping’ or ‘take down’ power wash. In this case CertaPro Painters® of Cape Cod focus the pressure more and literally strip off the top layer of wood revealing an almost ‘new’ look to unstained cedar shake shingles and wood decks.

In other, more rare cases, CertaPro Painters® of Cape Cod may be able to even remove especially stubborn, old stain through the use of a chemical ‘stripper.’  Designed to loosen the old finish, the stripper is generally applied with a pump sprayer, which is then washed off with water under high pressure.

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